Monday, September 9, 2013

The Master Plan Of Evangelism - Preface (The Master and His Plan)!

Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me. (Jn. 14:6) 

The Problem in Evangelistic Methods

Objective and relevance---these are the crucial issues of our work. Both are interrelated, and by the measure by which they are made compatible will largely determine the significance of all our activity. Merely because we are busy, or even skilled, doing something does not necessarily mean that we are getting anything accomplished. The question must always be asked: Is it worth doing? And does it get the job done? 

This is a question that should be posed continually in relation to the evangelistic activity of the church. Are our efforts to keep things going fulfilling the great commission of Christ? Do we see an ever-expanding company of dedicated people reaching the world with the gospel as a result of our ministry? That we are busy in the church trying to work one program of evangelism after another cannot be denied. But are we accomplishing our objective?

Form Follows Function

Concern at this point immediately focuses the need for a well-thought-through strategy of movement day by day in terms of the long-range goal. We must know how a course of action fits into the overall plan God has for our lives if it is to thrill our souls with a sense of destiny. This is true of any particular procedure or technique employed to propagate the gospel. Just as a building is constructed according to the plan for its use, so everything we do must have a purpose. Otherwise our activity can be lost in aimlessness and confusion. 

This is only the beginning on our new series on evangelism. Given the volume of information on this topic, I can only share bits and pieces of each chapter from this book. If you have any way to be able to purchase this book, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you try to get your hands on this book.  

Thanks again for reading this far my friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you as you endeavor on the evangelistic outreach in your part of the world! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!...:-). Enjoy as well my friends!!!...:-D.