Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stand In Awe!

I and my Father are one. (John 10:30) 

In the last post, I mentioned about how deep Jesus' love is for us.

Aren't you in awe of Him? 

We have been blessed with a God that is so merciful, loving, caring, and compassionate. And this is only the beginning. If I were to explain every single reason of why we should be in awe of God, I would end up many sleepless nights just to be able to scratch the surface of His AWE-someness. Is there even such a thing as a word called awesomeness?...:-)

There is no doubt whatsoever that God is indeed awesome. When there is a LIVING GOD that is three persons in one, yeah, I know I would be in awe. I must admit, it took me many, many years to begin to understand how awesome God is and I'm still learning. As I sit in front of computer and listen to Hillsong sing with all the delight they can muster, I get a better understanding of the awe that we have for our Heavenly Father and Jesus. 

As I sit here in the stillness of the day and be able to type in spite of my medical condition enables me to be in awe of God's grace and mercy in my life. With that said, I can easily answer the above question. Am I in awe of Him? YES!!!...YES!!!...YES!!!...:-D. God is truly awesome indeed!

My dear friends, let us never take God for granted no matter what life looks like right now. I can assure you that there will be tough times in all of our lives sooner or later. For those of you that have already gone through that season of struggle and suffering, make sure you go out of your way to give God all the praise be He is worthy of our praises. As a result, just like I have come to understand how awesome He is, my hope and prayer is that you find that understanding and stand in awe of Him.

Thanks again for reading this far friends! May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus' precious name! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!!...:-). Without further delay, I want to bring to all of you Stand In Awe by Hillsong Live. Here's the lyrics below...ENJOY!!!...:-D


Better than all this world
Better than all I know
Better than life itself
Your love is
All that I have is Yours
All that I'm living for
All that I need is in You Lord

You alone are better than life
Than anything in this world
You alone are all I want
In everything You are good
I stand in awe of all that You are
I stand in awe of You

Everything unto You
Everything held by You
All of our hope is in You Jesus
Nothing compares to You
Nothing will take Your place
All of our trust is in You Lord

All of my heart
All that I am